Time for a swinging party again!

Written by  on Februar 22, 2018
On Sunday, April 22, we will perform a concert in cafe Daglicht in Holten. Our guitarist Tim is not an unknown name in this town, he has been teaching guitar lessons at the MOC Music School for many years. That’s why we are really exited to play in this town!
The concert starts at 19.30, the stage is accessible from 19.00. We will play two sets with a short break between the sets. The entrance fee for this swinging party is 7.50 p.p.
We hope to see you there!

Our album Swing Syndicate is now available on Spotify!

Written by  on Januar 20, 2018
Swing Syndicate was released in 2015 and contains 16 gypsy-swing songs that all have been written and arranged by us.
For this album we took the opportunity to work with some special guest-musicians: David Nagy (former guitarist of our trio), Remco de Haan (classical guitar), Miriam Kopper (viola) and Nyanda van Dijk (vocals).
You can still order a hard copy of Swing Syndicate for € 15,- (including shipping costs) via order@tripletroubletrio.com. A bundle together with our first album Gypsy Dreams costs only €20,-.

Swing Syndicate at the Bassquarterly

Written by  on Dezember 11, 2015

For those who missed it:
In edition 6/2015 the German Bassquarterly magazine published a review about our album Swing Syndicate. We would like to give a big thanks to Markus Fritsch for the great words. We are very happy that our album get such a positive response!
Via www.bassquarterly.de you can take a look at the article. You’ll find the review on the 112th page.

The autumn season has arrived. It brings us…

Written by  on September 21, 2015

a great offer for this cold, rainy and windy season! For those who like some swinging music in this autumn we have a special offer: you can order both our albums ‚Gypsy Dreams‘ and ‚Swing Syndicate‘ as a bundle for only  € 20,- (inclusing shipping costs) by sending an email to order@tripletroubletrio.com

Swing Syndicate Release

Written by  on August 23, 2015

Hi all,

After a lot of studying, composing songs, arranging, intensive recordings and broken fingers, we are happy to announce that our 2nd studioalbum Swing Syndicate is now available!

Swing Syndicate contains 16 gypsy-swing songs that all have been written and arranged by us. With our Triple Trouble Trio, that is formed by Tim de Haan (guitar), Gertwim Giesbert (guitar) and Stefan Schlenke (bass), we have composed a diverse and surprising repertoire for you.

For this album we took the opportunity to work with some special guest-musicians: David Nagy (former guitarist of our trio), Remco de Haan (classical guitar), Miriam Kopper (viola) and Nyanda van Dijk (vocals).

You can order Swing Syndicate now for € 15,- (including shipping costs) via order@tripletroubletrio.com.

For those of you who would like to get a good impression of our cd, we put together a video demo. Please enjoy this demo at https://youtu.be/zjimHece-OM

Didn’t get the change to purchase our first cd Gypsy Dreams? You can order this cd now for € 10,-. And for our real fans we now have a special offer: Order both Swing Syndicate and Gypsy Dreams and it costs only €20,-.

For more information about us and our cd’s please visit www.tripletroubletrio.com. Here you will also find the links to purchase the digital versions of our cd’s.

Finally, we would like to ask a little favour of you that would really help us with the promotion of our cd. We need to get the word out on social media about the release of Swing Syndicate, and you can help through the following link: http://tripletroubletrio.nouncy.com/swing-syndicate-out-now#/. A little effort that could really help us!

With swinging regards,

Tim, Gertwim and Stefan


Order now!

Written by  on August 12, 2015

Hi guys,

In a few days our second album ‚Swing Syndicate‘ will be out. Of course we are excited about it and therefore we have a little suprise: For now, we will pay the shipping costs for the album! Everyone who orders the album in the next days via order@tripletroubletrio.com gets the cd for 15,-€ including shipping costs, worldwide. So if you have any worldwide family or friends, now is a good time to send them a copy;)
Here is a taster of the album: https://youtu.be/zjimHece-OM



Written by  on Juni 12, 2015

Hello everyone,

Triple Trouble Trio has good news, we have an official release date for our second studio album called ‚Swing Syndicate‘: it will be released on 21-08-2015!
The album features 16 songs in the style of gypsyswing, with influences from bossa, bolero, jazz, waltz, classical and traditional gypsy.
We will give information about the (pre)order soon.

Meanwhile, our debut album ‚Gypsy Dreams‘ is now also available in the online stores (amazon, Itunes etc) and you can stream the album on Spotify.
Swing Syndicate will also be available in the online stores.

Gypsy Dreams – iTunes Download
Gypsy Dreams – Amazon Download


Swing Syndicate

Written by  on April 12, 2015

We are happy to say that we have finished all the recordings for our upcoming album ‚Swing Syndicate‘! The album will feature 16 songs with a total playing time of around one hour. As in our previous cd you’ll hear some guest musicians on this album: David Nagy (former guitarist of Triple Trouble Trio), Remco de Haan (classical guitar), Nyanda van Dijk (vocals) and Miriam Kopper (violin).
We will announce a release date soon!

Bossa d’Automne

Written by  on Oktober 21, 2014


Hello folks,
Last Saturday we played in the Bochumer Kulturrat e.V. in Bochum (Germany) and we were happy to see that the audience enjoyed our music! Thanks for coming to our concert and we hope to see you again in Bochum!

Our next concert will take place on 15 November in Waren (Müritz) in Germany.

Meanwhile, we have finished a few new recordings for our 2nd album ‚Swing Syndicate‘. With the following link you can listen a preview of one of our latest records called ‚Bossa d’Automne‘.


19.04.14 New Bandmember

Written by  on April 19, 2014

In the end of 2013, David Nagy unfortunately decided to leave the trio due to lack of motivation. He played for over 3 years in the trio and we have always enjoyed playing with him. He raised the level of the trio to a higher level with his playing. We thank him for his dedication and we hope to see him back some day!

But the good news, we found a good and enthusiastic guitarist who’ll take David’s place. In 2014 Gertwim Giesbert joined the trio. We had a successful concert in Haaksbergen in March and we look forward to our next concert which will take place in Nienburg in June.

Meanwhile we’re still working on our 2nd cd. We hope we can tell more about that soon.